Social Media Management Outsourcing

Social Media Management – To outsource or to employ in-house?


Why not have both?

Outsourcing is cheap, we never go on holiday, no national insurance contributions to pay, we are never sick, we have multiple people working on your accounts. We foot the bills with all the Social Media tools, software, image creators, servers etc. We have all the overheads to pay leaving you or your Marketing team to concentrate on other forms of marketing.

We work with small company owners who don’t have the time, to medium companies who feel that employing someone full time may be too costly, to large companies who already have an in-house marketing department but don’t have the knowledge and skills to the level that we do when it comes to Social Media.

AT Social Media work very differently to what a member of a marketing department would do, who may be in charge of Social Media, SEO, Email campaigns, AdWords, Websites updates as well as many other jobs within their daily marketing role. We concentrate solely on Social Media and not spread across many different marketing disciplines as their staff may well be. We also do not just post content out but we work behind the scenes to get your posts seen, not just by a handful of people, but millions of people daily with techniques we have been learning since early 2011 before Social Media for business was ‘even a thing’.

Please get in touch to learn more about how we could work alongside your marketing department to give your social media a little boost and amplify your Social Media voice.

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